Saturday, 11 May 2019

Nine Zero Lacquer - What A Peach

So sorry there've been no posts lately but work as been utterly mental; I'm in work at 8 am and not home til at least 6 pm and get no breaks really during the day.  It's my busy time so it's heads down and get through. 

Anyway, as part of minding myself during a very stressful time, I've been doing my nails .. surprise, surprise! However, I have been remiss and didn't take any good pics.  But it's Saturday and I've had some time to rectifiy that!

So here is Nine Zero Lacquer's What A Peach.  This is based on Princess Peach from the Super Mario universe, and is a white crelly base with various shades of pink and purple glitter ... here I used 3 coats for full opacity.  The white base here isn't chalky white - the crelly (basically means a finish in between a creme and jelly) is not fully opaque on 2 coats for me so I put on a third.  For you it may be different but I have quite a bright nail line. 

It's a cutie - fun and summery which is great because today's the first day the sun has properly shone all week.  Here are my pics, enjoy!


This isn't available on Rainbow Connection any longer but there are three more in the same collection and they're on sale so go and grab them now!

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Emily de Molly - One More Reason

No photo description available.

You know when you have a couple of new polishes and you want to use them all but can't decide which one first? Well that was me this morning so I posted on Instagram and on Facebook to ask what people thought I should use.

The choices were, from L-R:

Nine Zero Lilac
Emily de Molly One More Reason
Nine Zero Primrose
Emily de Molly Limerick

From all the votes, between both Instagram and Facebook, the outstanding choice was One More Reason, followed by Primrose.  So One More Reason it was!

Emily de Molly describes this as a light turquoise green base with pink/gold/green aurora shimmer.  It is definitely turquoise but with a hint of mint too and it's just lovely on the nail.  I did 3 coats but you could get away with 2 - as I've said before, I've a thing about visible nail line and, whilst I couldn't see a nail line at 2 coats, I put on another just to be on the safe side.  With a slick of a glossy top coat, I was all done.  I hope you like the photos!

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

And some combo shots!

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly

One More Reason - Emily de Molly
I really hope you liked these shots - you can pick this up, on pre-order, right now from Rainbow Connection in the UK.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Cirque Colors - Ruby

Anyone who could see my nail polish collection, would realise pretty quickly that Cirque Colors is my particular favourite - I love their concepts, and the quality of their products is outstanding.  I own quite a large number of their polishes and today I'm showing off one of these beauties.

This is Ruby, which Cirque describes as a rich red jelly nail polish with sparkling holographic flakes. This gemstone-inspired shade shines bright, mimicking the fire and scintillation of precious jewels.  It is a very apt description and if you see my video below of it in the sunshine, you'll agree!

How beautiful is it?!! These pics are all showing 2 easy coats with 2 coats of a glossy top coat.  It was a smidge textured after the first coat but a second coat was just the job!

For a jelly polish (which it needs to be to show those holo flakes and let them shine), it's very colour dense and 2 coats will be opaque for pretty much everyone (I do seem to have a pretty bright nail line and I loathe visible nail line so I'm particular about this). 

I think I may be in love!

Slightly overexposed but hey ho, look at that shine!

So incredibly pretty!

Finally, some combo pics cos I love doing them!

And the last one is a video which shows the holo in all its glory!

I hope you liked this view of Ruby by Cirque Colors.  I purchased this at Rainbow Connection in the UK, which are the only UK suppliers of Cirque Colors (as far as I'm aware anyway).  It's not in stock at the time of writing but ask Annette if she can order it for you in her next order!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail

If you've read my Mani and Lola blog post, you'll know that OPI's Samurai Breaks A Nail was one of the polishes included in that box.  This is described as a purple creme with blue shimmer. 

I decided to do my nails last night (Tuesday) and wanted to try this out, just to see if it's as pretty as it looks in the bottle. And the answer is yes, it sure is! The first coat was a little sheer and patchy but the second coat was really nice and covered any streaks up.  It's opaque at two coats and the blue shimmer is very obvious on the nail.  I would say it's actually a nicer colour than it looks in the bottle. 

I love the brush on this too - nice and wide for easy application.

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail

Pics below are two coats with glossy top coat.  Hope you like!

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail

OPI Samurai Breaks A Nail
In the UK, this is available through Nail Polish Direct

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Cirque Colors - Rose Canyon

No posts since Sunday? Well that's just wrong! So here are some pics to gorge upon!

I hesitated about buying Rose Canyon from Cirque Colors for SO long.. I just thought it might be too meh, too neutral or too dull for me.  But then I've seen some fab swatch pics of it and I kept thinking should I buy it, and then not buying it.  But I finally decided to grab it when I was placing an order with Rainbow Connection (Cirque's UK supplier).  I didn't use it for a couple of weeks but tried it on Monday night and my thoughts were... what on earth did you wait for you silly mare!!!! It's a beauty, two perfectly smooth lovely coats and it's a done deal.  With lovely rosey tones, it's a very very wearable neutral - not to dull, not in the least bit meh and far from too neutral.  I just love it!  It's described as a rose-pink nail polish with fine black specks. Cirque's speckled polishes are made with irregular-shaped flake pigments which gives them t a unique, spotted finish.

Pics below are two coats with a glossy top coat.

Cirque Colors - Rose Canyon

Cirque Colors - Rose Canyon

Cirque Colors - Rose Canyon

Cirque Colors - Rose Canyon
You can grab your bottle at Rainbow Connection - it's currently out of stock (at the time of writing) but looks like Annette is expecting more in soon!

Sunday, 28 April 2019

KB Shimmer - Neon Me

So I've always veered away from glitter polishes in the past but lately, I seem to be attracted to them more and more.  I've never used a white glitter crelly so I thought who else should I start with other than the Queen of white glitter crellies, that is KB Shimmer.  I choose Neon me because I love the neon spots but it's not too in your face either.

Neon Me - KB Shimmer
The KB Shimmer website describes Neon Me as, "Like the summer days of the 80’s, this crelly is jam packed with neon. Small and a scattering of micro circle glitters in a rainbow of shocking shades pop against the off-white background."

Neon Me - KB Shimmer
I used an undercoat of white polish as I loathe Visible Nail Line (VNL) and I can't bear to spend time painting my nails only to be driven nuts by seeing my nail line.  So, to avoid that, I did one coat of a white polish after my base coat. 

Neon Me - KB Shimmer
So these photos show one coat of white polish and two coats of Neon Me, with a glossy top coat.  The neon glitter was easy to apply, I didn't have to fish around in the bottle to find the glitter and placement was pretty perfect just with regular application.  This was really easy and took no magic on my part. 

Neon Me - KB Shimmer

Neon Me - KB Shimmer
So here are a couple of combo pics I like to do.  All in all, I'm really happy with this polish, I like it very much. It'll be perfection for Summer and may well be in my travelling bag when we go on hols!
Neon Me - KB Shimmer
Neon Me - KB Shimmer
If you want to grab a bottle of this in the UK, it's available right now on the Rainbow Connection website at £9.00 a bottle which is a good price for a handmade polish that is so easy to apply.  If you do try it out, I'd love to hear what you think. 

BTW interesting fun fact - Christy Rose, the owner of KB Shimmer, was a soaping friend of mine from years back when we both ran soaping companies. It seems we've both changed our love of colour and design to polish!

Friday, 26 April 2019

Rainbow Connection Order

So there are a couple of new polishes out and I just had to treat myself! Anyone who knows me knows that Cirque Colours are one of my top favourite polish companies and I generally have to get something from their collections - well, yesterday (24 April), their new Resort Collection launched on Rainbow Connection in the UK and I had to get a couple of them! Also they launched some Different Dimension polishes in stunning blues so I had to grab them! I'm showing you pictures from Rainbow Connection and I'll link all the polishes so you can grab them if you want to... I'd suggest you hurry as I bet these will sell out pretty soon!

So first up, I ordered Rocket Man from Different Dimension - checking the RC site, it looks old out already!!! So this image is from the DD site themselves and is by PolishLovesMe (as is the following photo too).

The polish is described as a baby blue crelly with added aurora shimmers, iridescent color shifting flakies, and holographic microflakies ... I simply had to have it, it was just so stunning! That blue!

The second polish from Different Dimension is their April 2019 polish called If You Don't Like Something, Change It (good motto!).  Again, the blue - whew! This is described as a sky blue crelly with added ucc flakies and holographic microflakies.

The next is the first from the new Resort Collection from Cirque Colors and it's called Anchors Away and is described as a light periwinkle blue with glowing green shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle - swoon!

The second of the Cirque Colors polish called Isle of Capri and is described as a lavender purple nail polish with teal shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle. Cirque says their shimmer polishes are packed with glimmering pigments which give them a unique multidimensional finish.

The final Cirque Colors polish is called Jetsetter which is described as a magenta pink nail polish with mystic blue shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle. I just loved the look of this!

All Cirque Colors products are non-toxic, 4-free, vegan & cruelty-free and are designed and handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

Finally, my last purchase was from Fun Lacquer and it's a nail care/base coat item called Triple 5 - this is a treatment product and it has five vitamins, five plant extracts, and five different benefits 
to help pamper my nails.

So that'll be the last purchase for May (sadly!) and these are mostly on pre-order so I'll have to wait til mid May for delivery but it'll be worth it! 

Check out Rainbow Connection in the UK for a ton of fantastic polish and great service!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Orly - Seize the Clay

On my previous post, I discussed the polishes in the Mani + Lola box for April 2019.  I painted my nails with the Orly polish, Seize the Clay, last night and it's really pretty.  The polish is from the Autumn 2018 collection, the New Neutral - it's a red clay colour but definitely has a good dose of rose too which I find really pretty.  The brush on Orly polishes is fab - a wide paddle brush that really helps you apply the polish. 

Seize the Clay - Orly - Mani + Lola Subscription Box April 2019 - Paddle Brush

It's a very work appropriate colour I feel, a little more muted than a bright red but a bit more gutsy than a pale beige neutral.  

Here are a couple of photos taken in the early evening light - it's not a sunny day but it was bright enough to get good light.   

Seize the Clay - Orly - Mani + Lola Subscription Box April 2019

Seize the Clay - Orly - Mani + Lola Subscription Box April 2019
Type of Polish - Creme
Coats to Opacity - 2
Staining - No evidence
Top Coat - Glossy

If you have this polish, I'd love to hear what you think... are you an Orly fan?

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