Friday, 30 August 2019

Cult Movie Classics Collection from Dystopia Nail Polish


I was so chuffed to be asked to swatch the new Cult Movie Classics collection from Dystopia Nail Polish. This is a collection of 6 polishes, including a thermal, a glitter topper, a magnetic, a holo, a flakie and a holo flakie - something for everyone!!! The collection is inspired by some of Sarah's favourite movies and each polish is named after a movie quote!⁠ The polishes will be released for sale on the website on Friday 30 August at 7.00 pm.

First up in this fabulous collection is Fool of a Took, a green tri-thermal with gold Aurora Shimmer inspired by Lord of the Rings. I've tried to capture the thermal changes as best I can! My pictures show 3 coats - I do have a little nail line showing but I have a strong nail line and used thin coats so try with slightly thicker coats and you should be fine. This was a beauty to apply, I love the colour transition so much. ⁠

Second in the collection is Dream the Crow Black Dream, a gunmetal grey holo inspired by The Crow. My pictures show 2 coats - this was a beauty to apply, so buttery and smooth.

The third polish in the collection is Absolutely No-one's Dead, a clear-based topper featuring red, gold, green and blue glitter inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas - it's like fairy lights on your nails! My pictures show 1 coat over a white base but this would look amazing over a multitude of colours - this was a beauty to apply, I love it on the nail. ⁠You will need a glossy top coat on this to cover any texture from the glitter.

The fourth polish is It's Showtime!, a rich Cadbury purple accented with blue-green colour shifting flakes.  This was inspired by the movie Beetlejuice. My pictures show 3 coats and was a little sheer on the first coat but built up really beautifully.

Next up in this fabulous collection is The Man with the Hands, a black based polish with holo flakies inspired by Edward Scissorhands. My pictures show 2 coats and was a beauty to apply, I love it on the nail. You will need a coat or two of glossy top coat with this polish.  ⁠

The final polish in this fabulous collection is Greased Lightning, a reddish, goldish, bronze-ish magnetic polish inspired by Grease.  Sarah sells the magnets in her store too which have a really strong pull - you can see what effect this has! My pictures show 2 coats and was a beauty to apply, I love it on the nail. I will say I think this was my favourite of the collection - I didn't expect it to be on first glance, but it stole my heart.  ⁠

Remember, the full collection will go on sale today at 7.00 pm GMT - make sure you grab your favourites at

I hope you enjoyed all the images in this post! 

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rocket Man - Different Dimension

I receieved this stunning polish from a recent order from Rainbow Connection UK - it sold out almost immediately and it's hardly surprising!

Rocket Man is described as a baby blue crelly with added aurora shimmers, iridescent color shifting flakies, and holographic microflakies and it is a total beauty!!

I used 2 coats in all these photos - you may need 3 depending on your application style.  It really is a stunning polish - the flakies glow so prettily in the baby blue base.  I am in love!

There is little to no texture issues with this as the flakies lie very flat so I only needed one coat of glossy top coat (in this case, Nail Artisan's glossy top coat). 

Thankfully we have a lovely sunny morning this morning so you can see how well the flakies glow, but they show very clearly even in the shade.

And finally, some combo pics cos you know I love them!!!

This polish is available now on Rainbow Connection UK at - be aware, it has a low stock warning so get in there quickly!!!

You can purchase I Like It On Top glossy top coat on


Saturday, 1 June 2019

Luciferin - Quixotic Polish

Despite being mega busy swatching recently, I've also had time to use some other polishes too.  This one is called Luciferin and it's from a new brand to me, Quixotic Polish.  This was made specially for a combo box called For The Love of Polish box.  This is a monthly box and is run jointly by the brands Polished for Days and Pahlish and they invite another brand to join them.  This polish is from the February box (yes, it can take me a while to use the polishes!) and the box theme was Bioluminescent. 

Luciferin is described as a crimson red nail polish lit with color shifting red/gold/green shimmer, holographic sparkles and delicate glowing indigo flakes.  You can see the flakes in the picture above and the one below.

I adore the flakes in this polish which makes it more of a statement polish than a standard red.

The pictures below show three coats with a glossy top coat.  It was lovely to apply, and the flakies are beautifully evident.

Unfortunately this polish isn't available anymore - it's created specially for this box alone.  However, Rainbow Connection UK is currently stocking Quixotic Polish so you can grab yourself an equally stunning polish.

If you want any more information on the For The Love of Polish box, check out their Instagram account on

Friday, 31 May 2019

Launch Day!!! Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Well today is launch day on Nail Artisan Cosmetics - Alexandra will launch her debut collection at 8.00 pm GMT tonight... how incredibly exciting! Below are my pics of all the polishes I've been so incredibly honoured to swatch for her.  Make sure to jump on and grab your favourites! There are 20 creme polishes, 6 multichrome/shimmer polishes and a flakie/shimmer topper!

First up is my namesake, Celine, a beautiful dusky baby pink shade.  Perfection in 2 easy coats and very very glossy.  Pictured here is the fab glossy finish, with matte top coat and with Northern Lights, the flakie topper.

Then we have Florence, a bright creme polish, 2 easy coats ... beautiful! Pictured here in it's very glossy state but also with matte top coat and Northern Lights, the new flakie topper!

Then we have Bianca, a glorious white creme which, again is 2 easy coats, very easily self levelling, glossy as anything and just beautiful.  Pictured with matte top coat and Northern Lights.

Coral Me Not! is the first multichrome shimmer polish I tried... I loved it, coral is one of my favourite colours.  It changes from coral to orange to hot pink, depending on the light, all with an underlying golden shimmer.  This was 3 coats and is pictured with glossy top coat, matte top coat and Northern Lights.

Then we have Grace, a dark grey polish that comes alive on the nail.  Super super glossy, this is 2 easy coats ... pictured with matte top coat and Northern Lights topper too.

Ahhh Susi, possibly one of my favourites of the collection - this glorious bright blue polish was a dream.. again 2 easy coats, super glossy finish.  Pictured with matte top coat and Northern Lights too.

Last but far from least is Witching Hour, the second of the multichrome/shimmer polishes that moves from dark teal with hints of purple at the outer edges - this has a metallic look but is very smooth in application.  This is, yet again, 2 easy coats and I think this one looks really good with matte top coat but I think it shows off Northern Lights the best of all the polishes!!!

So, as a final word, all the polishes were amazing.  I couldn't fault them, all bar Coral Me Not! were two perfect coats, butter smooth to apply, perfectly self levelling and super super glossy even without top coat.  I cannot honestly believe this is a debut collection at all .... but I'm not surprised as Alexandra from Nail Artisan Cosmetics has many years of experience behind her.  I think if you purchase any of these polishes, you will be very very happy with the results.

All of them go on sale at 8.00 pm tonight, GMT, and are available from  You can also purchase her Glossy Top Coat, Matte Top Coat, vitamin enriched Base Coat and Northern Lights, the new flakie topper.  I have used them all with these swatches and I'm bowled over with the quality.

Any creme polish will be £5.99 each, any multichrome will be £7.50 each and the topper will be priced at £7.99.  If you want to purchase the full Dusk Till Dawn Collection, this will be £42.50.

So to end this glorious swatching adventure, here are some mega combo pics... I wish Alexandra huge congratulations on her incredibly high quality products but also massive good luck with her launch tonight!

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