Sunday, 21 April 2019

New Blog + First Post

This is the first post for my new nail blog, The Lazy Lacquerist.  I've decided to write a nail blog because I've so many polishes now that I adore and I'm quickly running out of people to talk to them about! I mean, my hubby and the girl are great, but they don't get the wonders of an one coat wonder or flakies or how good holo looks in the sun, you know what I mean? Then the problem was picking a name.. that took use almost a day! I chose The Lazy Lacquerist because it's true... some people love going to the gym, or running or walking the dog; I like to sit on my not inconsiderable bottom and paint my nails! It's a self care thing, it's a crazy about colour thing, it's a wanting to look pretty thing... there are so many reasons why I do it and why I've been doing it about 3 years now.

So hence the reason fro the blog! So it's onwards and upwards with pics and my thoughts.  I'm happy to swatch for companies if they'd like me to... my views will always be my own though!

So welcome, get a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!

PS here's a pic just cos!

This is a combo image of swatches I did for Danglefoot Nail Polish for their March PPU (or Polish Pick Up) submission.  This was called Struzan Drew A Galaxy Far Far Away - no longer available now I'm afraid as it was a special for that particular offering.

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