Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Celine - New Collection from Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Firstly, mega apologies for the lack of posts in the last week or so - as explained previously, work is mental at the moment.

But.... I've also been really busy on a secret project! I've posted some black and white pics on both Instagram and Facebook to tease you guys but today I can reveal the very first of a new collection from Nail Artisan Cosmetics that the wonderful Alexandra asked me to swatch!! I was SO delighted she asked me and so utterly honoured because this is her first collection and it shows a real level of trust on her part to ask me to do this for her.

In the interests of disclosure and clarity, this was gifted to me for my honest opinions (and she said be very very very honest) and all words and pictures are entirely my own.

Now ... on to the pics.

One of the best things? This polish she named after me!!! Can you believe it?? This is Celine and I am in utter love with her!

She's described as a dusty baby pink creme and she was a beauty to work with - two easy coats which were very very glossy by themselves.  I used the Nail Artisan Cosmetics Base Coat, I Give Good Base, which helps to grip polish into place, and can also be used for chrome nails. It is packed with vitamins A and E, pro vitamin B5, Coenzyme Q10 and lemon essential oil, and it is 5-free.  

The pics below show one coat of base, two coats of the polish with one coat of Nail Artisan Cosmetics Top Coat which is a super shiny, quick drying and non yellowing top coat that is also 5-free - and believe me, it dries quickly and really shiny!

What a pretty colour pink she is! And she's really really shiny without the top coat so you don't have to wear it but I never never never forgot my top coat because using it will help to extend the wear of your mani.

Can you believe she called it after me? I am honestly so completely honoured!!!

Excuse the little glisteneys on my skin, that was from a previous polish that used some tiny flakies that can tend to stick to your skin even if you wash your hands or use remover.

Nail Artisan Cosmetics also has a Matte Top Coat, Matte For It, which I tried with Celine and it's really a very smooth satiny matte - not very chalky or clumpy like others I've used.

Celine will be part of the Core Collection from Nail Artisan Cosmetics which will be launch on 31 May at 8.00 pm on The collection will consist of 20 cremes, a flakie/shimmer topper and the Dusk Till Dawn collection of 6 Multichromes - keep an eye on the blog for more information about these!

Any creme polish will be £5.99 each, any multichrome will be £7.50 each and the topper will be priced at £7.99.  If you wanted to purchase the full Dusk Till Dawn Collection, this will be £42.50.

Huge thanks to Alexandra from Nail Artisan Cosmetics for trusting me to swatch for her but also for calling one of her polishes for me... I am beyond chuffed and proud and I wish her so many positive vibes for this, the very first of her collections!!! 


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