Saturday, 4 May 2019

Cirque Colors - Ruby

Anyone who could see my nail polish collection, would realise pretty quickly that Cirque Colors is my particular favourite - I love their concepts, and the quality of their products is outstanding.  I own quite a large number of their polishes and today I'm showing off one of these beauties.

This is Ruby, which Cirque describes as a rich red jelly nail polish with sparkling holographic flakes. This gemstone-inspired shade shines bright, mimicking the fire and scintillation of precious jewels.  It is a very apt description and if you see my video below of it in the sunshine, you'll agree!

How beautiful is it?!! These pics are all showing 2 easy coats with 2 coats of a glossy top coat.  It was a smidge textured after the first coat but a second coat was just the job!

For a jelly polish (which it needs to be to show those holo flakes and let them shine), it's very colour dense and 2 coats will be opaque for pretty much everyone (I do seem to have a pretty bright nail line and I loathe visible nail line so I'm particular about this). 

I think I may be in love!

Slightly overexposed but hey ho, look at that shine!

So incredibly pretty!

Finally, some combo pics cos I love doing them!

And the last one is a video which shows the holo in all its glory!

I hope you liked this view of Ruby by Cirque Colors.  I purchased this at Rainbow Connection in the UK, which are the only UK suppliers of Cirque Colors (as far as I'm aware anyway).  It's not in stock at the time of writing but ask Annette if she can order it for you in her next order!

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