Saturday, 25 May 2019

Coral Me Not! Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Oh I'm so excited to show you this glorious polish - the third one I received from Nail Artisan Cosmetics.  Coral Me Not! is one of their Dawn Till Dusk collection of 6 multichromes and it's a glowing beauty! 

In the interests of disclosure and clarity, this was gifted to me for my honest opinion and all words and pictures are entirely my own.

Ok, you can gasp now at this glorious coral-y/pink-y/shimmery multichrome gorgeousness ... cos I know I did.  It's a fabulous polish, like summer in a bottle.  

I would describe is as a coral to pink to gold multichrome shimmer polish - that's what is was for me, a gloriously bright summery polish that looks so good in both dim and sunny light.  It was a three coater but I don't think I own any shimmery polishes that aren't three coaters at least - this is because the shimmer has to shine through and if you have too opaque a polish, then it simply won't.  At different lights the colour is hot pink or coral or orange and the gold shimmer just shines through.  

I tried to capture the shift in this but I'm not sure I succeeded to be honest - but believe me, this is such a pretty pretty colour.  Imagine this on your holidays in the sun! 

Perhaps here you can see the pink shift more? It's one of those polishes that evades proper colour detection when it sees a camera!!!

Now check it out with Nail Artisan's Matte Top Coat .... oh my! It's not textured at all but gives an almost velvety feel to the nail.  

I am totally loving this beauty!!

Coral Me Not! is part of the Dusk Till Dawn Collection from Nail Artisan Cosmetics of 6 Multichromes ... 20 creme polishes will also be launched, along with a flakie/shimmer topper; all of these will be available to boy on 31 May at 8.00 pm on 

Any creme polish will be £5.99 each, any multichrome will be £7.50 each and the topper will be priced at £7.99.  If you wanted to purchase the full Dusk Till Dawn Collection, this will be £42.50. 

Huge thanks to Alexandra from Nail Artisan Cosmetics for trusting me to swatch for her but also for calling one of her polishes for me... I am beyond chuffed and proud and I wish her so many positive vibes for this, the very first of her collections!!! 

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