Saturday, 11 May 2019

Nine Zero Lacquer - What A Peach

So sorry there've been no posts lately but work as been utterly mental; I'm in work at 8 am and not home til at least 6 pm and get no breaks really during the day.  It's my busy time so it's heads down and get through. 

Anyway, as part of minding myself during a very stressful time, I've been doing my nails .. surprise, surprise! However, I have been remiss and didn't take any good pics.  But it's Saturday and I've had some time to rectifiy that!

So here is Nine Zero Lacquer's What A Peach.  This is based on Princess Peach from the Super Mario universe, and is a white crelly base with various shades of pink and purple glitter ... here I used 3 coats for full opacity.  The white base here isn't chalky white - the crelly (basically means a finish in between a creme and jelly) is not fully opaque on 2 coats for me so I put on a third.  For you it may be different but I have quite a bright nail line. 

It's a cutie - fun and summery which is great because today's the first day the sun has properly shone all week.  Here are my pics, enjoy!


This isn't available on Rainbow Connection any longer but there are three more in the same collection and they're on sale so go and grab them now!

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