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Sugary Sweet Death - Femme Fatale

Sugary Sweet Death - well the name alone grabbed me and I loved this polish.  I have a small confession to make - I own a few Femme Fatale polishes but not many because I find them all so sheer and anyone who reads here regularly, will know I have an issue with visible nail line.  But this one is a crelly and crellies are, by their nature, going to be a bit sheer and need building up (for those not in the know, this is because they usually have something in them, like glitter shreds in this case, that need to show through - so you need the base sheer so they can do their thing, anything too opaque and it'd look like you buried crap in your polish and it'd just look lumpy and highly unattractive).

So, the name grabbed me, but the look of it got me good! I just had to have it, fear of VNL or not.  This pic is taken from Femme Fatale's own website and I knew I just had to have this polish.

Femme Fatale described Sugary Sweet Death as a creamy white base filled with multicoloured glitter shreds that is opaque in 3-4 thin coats.  So you know from the outset, that this is going to be sheer.  They do note that, for a guaranteed opaque mani apply 1-2 coats over a white base coat.  In the photo above, the base looks more white than in my pics so they may have used a white base coat in this case, or their lighting is different or whatever.  I would say that using a white base coat would slightly change the base colour.  You see, putting a white base under makes the base of this colour very white but it is, in fact, a cream colour which is not as in your face and is a little more palatable.  So, for me, I found 3 coats was fine ... you see a little nail line in real life but it's not mega obvious and doesn't look like I don't know how to apply polish!

They also advise a touch of glitter placement which I do think they did in this photo - that's fine, they're obviously better at glitter placement than me! Mine doesn't have so many of the glitter pieces but that's ok too.

So you can see here, compared to the website pic, this is definitely more a cream coloured polish but I like it that way - as I said, very white can be very in your face... this is more accessible to a wider range of people, in my opinion.

You can see the glitter in the bottle and my nails but, again, not as much as the official pic.  Again, cool for me, I think I got a good amount of glitter for my tastes and I'm happy with the placement.  I didn't need to fish around the bottle or do any fun tricks to get out what I got, I just painted them the 3 coats and that was that.

I like that is a mite more subdued than that website pics - this definitely to my taste and it didn't disappoint me at all.  I think it's a really pretty polish.

You can see here, on the top side of my first finger, the metallic glitter shred showing through - this means that, when you move your hand in the light, some of these shreds catch the light and it's a lovely effect.

You might be able to see it better in this pic.

So, all in all, I loved this polish - I knew from the outset that it was going to be sheer and that was ok, it's more of a cream colour than white in the official picture but that's ok for me too as I find cream to be a more accessible colour, plus I love the look of it.  For me, if I used too thick a coat, it did flood my cuticles a little (but, God knows I'm not the best nail painter so I used my handy dandy clean up brush and nobody's any the wiser).  So several coats is the way to go ... I used 3 but you could do 4 if you really wanted (apparently, I didn't .. 3 is my max!).

As with most glitter polishes, you need a generous top coat - it's not mega textured but there is some texture and a good top coat will sort this out.

So now, combo pics cos I love them and cos I can!

I bought this at Rainbow Connection UK ... this is no longer available through them (and I think it was a limited edition or LE) but they have a ton more Femme Fatale polishes which you may like just as well.  Check them out at

Hope you liked this, do feel free to comment... I don't bite (unless you ask nicely!)

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