Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rocket Man - Different Dimension

I receieved this stunning polish from a recent order from Rainbow Connection UK - it sold out almost immediately and it's hardly surprising!

Rocket Man is described as a baby blue crelly with added aurora shimmers, iridescent color shifting flakies, and holographic microflakies and it is a total beauty!!

I used 2 coats in all these photos - you may need 3 depending on your application style.  It really is a stunning polish - the flakies glow so prettily in the baby blue base.  I am in love!

There is little to no texture issues with this as the flakies lie very flat so I only needed one coat of glossy top coat (in this case, Nail Artisan's glossy top coat). 

Thankfully we have a lovely sunny morning this morning so you can see how well the flakies glow, but they show very clearly even in the shade.

And finally, some combo pics cos you know I love them!!!

This polish is available now on Rainbow Connection UK at - be aware, it has a low stock warning so get in there quickly!!!

You can purchase I Like It On Top glossy top coat on


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